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  • ctp 4.0 The Taste of Medicine

    ctp 4.0 The Taste of Medicine

    A friend from Gambia told me this: „Old people in Gambia still believe in ‚herbs and rooots‘ – like they believe in ghosts – Islam notwithstanding … I often spend time with my grandma in the countryside. When I had a cold, I had to drink a brew made of leafs and blossoms which she…

  • ctp 4.0 Emergency Room

    ctp 4.0 Emergency Room

    Today, we are starting to publish posts about the current state of the project ctp 4.0 Africa in a loose connection. They are a kind of brainstorming at which we would like the interested community to participate. For a start, here is a shot of a script: INSIDE – EMERGENCY ADMISSON OF A BREMEN HOSPITAL…

  • ctp 4.0 Africa

    ctp 4.0 Africa

    The project ctp 4.0 tryin’ africa – as an unfinished play seeks to to shed light on the backgrounds and implications that come along with Western help in medical and psychiatric care. -> more

  • club tipping point

    club tipping point