a soundwalk project by Julián Galay

The proposal for this soundwalk is divided in two: in the first part you will walk and listen, while recording, around your city. In the second part we will recollect on that experience to rethink the sound of our city. How could we talk about listening without superimposing the sound of our voice to the sound of the landscape?

The first edition of "Listening to the city as a form of writing" was developed in between Haus de Statistics and Satellit, in Berlin on May 18 2022, together with Peter Schmidt and Erik Goengrich. This second edition, composed especially for the Club Tipping Point Berlin website, was realized in correspondence with Christoph Gosepath, Emilia Pascarelli and Federico Isasti.

Julián Galay is an “undisciplinary” composer that works with sound, moving image and language through installation, performance and experimental film. He often explores the unconscious of architectural spaces and institutions through personal diaries, dreams and archives. —


01. Leave the Internet and go for a walk in the city.*
02. Film 10 minutes using the cellphone in horizontal format.**
03. Walk paying attention to the sounds and the environment.***
04. After coming back: Upload the video to the CTP website and wait.****
*You can walk alone or accompanied and at any pace (faster, slower or even stop). **Without talking. Filming is free (you are allowed to lose control, change the point of view, etc). You can use the zoom, not use it and also generate more abstract images. You don't need to be looking at what you are filming while filming. Please ensure that persons, conversations and license plates are only filmed in such a way that they cannot be identified. People must not be the focus of the video, at most appear on the periphery. Anything else violates data protection and copyright laws and can therefore not be used for this project. ***Let yourself be guided by sounds. ****Re-watch and re-listen to the experience while reading.

Upload is in progress...